What Do I Pay?

Ánemos Medical Consulting is a direct pay, no health insurance medical practice.

Although counter-intuitive to our country’s Health Insurance system, Ánemos Medical Consulting is more clinically attentive and financially cost effective. Often, individuals with a modest pre-insurance deductible Health Care plan would spend less then their annual deducible fee for our medical evaluation and care throughout the year. Although we do not accept insurance payments, you may request an invoice for service which you may submit to your insurance company. This may be applied toward meeting your insurance deductible if there is an Out of Network Service component. Laboratory, radiographic and medication costs will be covered as your insurance policy allows. We will try to find the best prices for your diagnostics, medications, etc.

By Federal law, Medicare patients will need to sign a Medicare Opt Out form and will not be able to submit any fees from Ánemos Medical Consulting. Laboratory, radiographic and medication costs will be the same as covered by Medicare regulations.

Payment is required at time of service. Cash, checks, credit and debit cards are accepted.

Ánemos Medical Consulting General Fee Schedule

Possible Additional Costs
Vaccines, wound dressing materials, etc. will be discussed in advance.

We will be as expedient as possible.
We will also be thorough in treating you.
We realize that attention to our patient’s symptoms and concerns, as well as well as adjusting and modifying treatment, takes time.
Where there is a discrepancy in time spent the fee level is at the discretion of the physician.